Overview of SOH

Established in 2000, Satellite Orthopaedic Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (SOHRC) is a licensed orthopaedic specialty hospital, dedicated and equipped to usher in a new era in orthopaedic care.
As a speciality hospital focusing solely on orthopaedics, SOHRC is pleased to offer all services at one location:

  • Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries
  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Complex Trauma Procedures
  • Revision Replacement Surgeries
  • Rehabilitation

SOHRC is developed to provide high-quality, cost-effective, specialized orthopaedic care, in a streamlined environment focused on wellness, mobility and quick recovery.
At SOHRC, we take pride in our excellent services, falling waiting times, skilled and dedicated staff and above all, the much needed human touch. We aim to be the first-choice hospital for Knee & Hip Replacement surgery, Arthroscopy, Complex trauma & Revision Replacement procedures.
We see around 10,000 outpatients each year and around 1000 patients are admitted for treatment.

Each year we perform :

  • Primary and revision knee arthroplasty
  • Primary and revision hip arthroplasty
  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy with Ligament Reconstruction
  • Complex Trauma cases

Your experience :

Patients can expect to enjoy the best in orthopaedic healthcare with a unique, friendly atmosphere – one that is enjoyed by patients and staff alike.

Better access to our services :

  • Same day MRI at our associate centre- where appropriate, patients are able to have MRI scans when attending outpatient appointments.
  • Operating theatres running six days a week.
  • Neurosurgical, Plastic surgery and ENT outpatient consulting with appointments.
  • Same day admission for your operation – on average, more than 70% of our patients are able to come to hospital on the day of their operation.
  • Laboratory and radiological facilities.
  • Physiotherapy services.
  • Special desk for National (out state) and International patients.