Microplasty or UNICONDYLAR KNEE REPLACEMENT(UKR) is a specialised surgery in which only the damaged part of the knee is resurfaced. CONCEPT : If a part of the apple is damaged then the whole apple need not be thrown... similarly if one tyre of the car is damaged then all four need not be replaced. COMPARISION to Total Knee Replacement # Only the damaged medial compartment is replaced. # No ligaments are cut. # Incision is very small. ADVANTAGES : #75% of the normal bone is saved. # Pain and blood loss are negligible. # 2 days stay at the hospital. # Can sit on the floor and also sit cross legged. # No requirement of any Physiotherapy. SURVIVAL RATE : Survival rate of Microplasty and TKR are the same - 98% at 10 years and 92% at 20 years. The common question which comes to the mind of the patients is that if only one compartment is replaced then sooner or later the other compartment will also require surgery.NO,IT IS NOT LIKE THAT.The natural history of osteoarthritis usually involves the medial compartment first,then slowly the lateral and patellofemoral compartments are involved.If timely surgery in the form of Microplasty is done then the osteoarthritis does not progress further and after surgery the knee becomes similar to new. Microplasty requires specialised training and surgical expertise. The satisfaction rate of Microplasty is so high that most of my patients do not even come for a follow up.