e-consult with Dr Ateet Sharma mobile App & website has various features as mentioned below. Now you can use the app for various purposes as per your requirements:

Online Consultation

  • If you want online video consultation of Dr Ateet Sharma, It is very easy with the app & website. This can be used for your first time consultation and follow ups.
  • Pricing: ₹ 800 for secure video call with Dr Ateet Sharma. It includes 15 minutes of video call between you and Dr Ateet Sharma. For better quality of video call please refer FAQs.

Book an Appointment

  • Book an Appointment of DrAteet Sharma for yourself or your family member for Online Video Consultation/Walk in to Clinic Consultation.

My Appointments

  • You can view your all previous and future appointments. You can cancel your future appointment, if need arise.


  • You can upload your reports for yourself and for your family members. Your uploaded reports will automatically accessed by DrAteet Sharma for your better treatment.
  • You can view prescriptions and other reports shared by DrAteet Sharma.
  • Thus, Your whole medical history with DrAteet Sharma is accessible to you anywhere and anytime with DrAteet Sharma mobile app & website.

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